Friday, 30 December 2011

Swatch Watches | Authorised UK Swatch Watch Stockists | FREE UK Delivery

Hollins and Hollinshead are proud Authorised UK Stockists of Swatch Watches. This means that all of our customers can be sure that they are receiving a genuine item with all the correct packaging and warranty / guarantee.

Swatch watches are split into various collections which currently include:

                              Full Blooded
                                          The Lady Collection
                              Swatch & Art

Swatch Colour Codes Collection
Swatch  Colour Codes Watch GB247
Swatch Colour Codes Watch GV121
Swatch Colour Codes Watch GR154
Swatch New Gent Collection
Swatch New Gent Watch SUOV702
Swatch New Gent Watch SUOR703
Swatch New Gent Watch SUOB702

Swatch Kidrobot Collection
Swatch Kidrobot Watch GJ130
Swatch Kidrobot Watch GB252
Swatch Kidrobot Watch GB251

For further information or help, please contact us on: 

Tel:      0844 879 7572

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