Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Vibe Watch

'Each Vibe-Watch is made up of four components which simply clip together (no tools are required).
These are: the watch movement - face, the case, the bezel and the matching pair of straps'
'Vibe-Watch is limited only by your imagination...'

At Hollins and Hollinshead, we LOVE this great idea from 'Vibe Watch' of having a different watch each day depending on mood or clothing etc. by simply changing the watch movement - face, case, bezel or straps...OR be adventurous and change all! :)

Please Click Here to View our large Vibe Watch Collection on our website.

Image Shown: Item Number STRP/YEL/10
Image Shown: Item Number CASE/BLK/02
Image Shown: Item Number BEZ/BLU/08
Image Shown: Item Number WAT/PUR/30

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